Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Quiet Book

So, I have been wanting to make a quiet book for my not-so-quiet-at-church children. So I did a search. And let me tell you. There is NO shortage of ideas out there. I have two specific sources of inspiration that I am using in particular:

How to Make a Quiet Book - This blog is an excellent source for how to put a book together in a way that will last forever. She also has several pages that she give tutorials and patterns for. All FREE! Love that.

**construction of a page** I follow much of her construction of her pages. I used muslin for the base of the page and ironed on interfacing to the back of each page. Then, when I was finished with two pages (say, A and B) then I sewed them right sides together, left a 4" gap on the bottom, turned it right side out and topstiched all the way around. My finished pages are approximately 9 3/4" x 11". So, when cutting your pages be sure to add at least a 1/4" seam allowance.

ABC 123 Craft Book by Phyllis Fiarotta - For some reason Amazon does not have a picture of this book, but believe me. The pictures are bright and colorful and give you instructions on doing pages for each letter and numbers 1-10. Whoa.

This is our Quiet Book in progress. There is a link below each page directing you to the original post with some details about that particular page.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope that these pages inspire some ideas!! And if you have a quiet book, I'd love to see it! Please share the pictures with everyone at the Quiet Book Club flickr group.

 Details HERE

 Details HERE

Details HERE

Details HERE

Details HERE

Details HERE

 Details HERE

Details HERE

Always a work in progress...Less than half of the book to go.  Let's do it!


Leah said...

I love what you have made so far, I ordered he book after reading one of your earlier posts. Im hoping to make one for my littlest. I will share when I get to it.

Collins Trio said...

how big are your pages?

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love it! Can't wait to see the second half of the book in 2011!

Valerie said...

Looks great! and thanks for your comment on my quiet book! :)

Erica @ said...

great pages! Love the garden with gate that hinges :)

Rosy Creations said...

Wow!!Love your ideas, this is so inspiring! I will give this a try. I have 2 small granddaughters, that would love one of these soft books.

Courtney Shipe said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I am especially impressed at how professional your zippers look!
Great creative ideas!

Angela said...

What an amazing quiet book! Did you ever finish it? I'm sure we'd all love to see the final pages!

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