Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quiet Book: K & L

K scared me. Not gonna lie. But I conquered and am pleased with the result...however, it wasn't all that scary once I did it. So, whatever. Unfortunately, though, I failed to switch my presser foot back to the all purpose one, and it was one of my specialty feet, sooooo, it made some of the detail sewing rather difficult. But I'm so bright that I didn't even realize it until I was halfway through sewing the second page. Brilliant, I tell you.

K was completely inspired by the ABC 123 Craft Book by Phyllis Fiarotta. Read more about here

Then there was L. Other than trying to sew around all those little circles with the incorrect presser foot on my machine, this page was quite simple. This is my own design.

 See more quiet book pages here

And have you checked out the Quiet Book Club Flickr Group?

Sorry for the hiatus in quiet book posts. I will keep them coming. It ain't over 'til it's over...right? Right, guys? yeah.....Have a glorious weekend!


Maria said...

I love it. I am jealous. I started working on an ABC quiet book and never finished it. It is a lot of work! Yours looks great.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Hi There! I saw that you give permission to share photos with a link back. I still wanted to let you know I snagged pictures from this post along with ones from the placemat stationary holder and family fun napkins tutorial. I plan to feature you in some upcoming posts on my educational blog ABC & 123: A Learning Cooperative, with credit and linkage back of course. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas!

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