Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quiet Book: I & J

Both of these pages were inspired by the book ABC 123 Craft Book by Phyllis Fiarotta, only I definitely added my own style.

It was a bit of work to embroider all those little letters, so these had BETTER not get lost;) But then, the embroidery is a bit crooked, so maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to do them over...But then no. Too much work. And I have more letters to get to:)

J for jellybeans. This page could not have been much easier. And if the jelly beans get lost (which I know they eventually will, with how small they are), it is easy enough to just cut come more. Gotta love that.

Wanna see the rest of our quiet book pages?? Click here:)

1 comment:

Chelsie said...

CAUUUUTTEE!!!!! I really would love to make a quite book. How fun!!!

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