Thursday, October 21, 2010


The little man in my house is two. And utterly obsessed with anything wheels or wings. He also is obsessed with anything his sister has. Like her very beloved backpack, that she'd really rather not share with him...

 So I thought it was an appropriate occasion to get the boy his own backpack.

Of course, I used Rae's marvelous Toddler Backpack pattern. It is such a simple pattern to follow and with such fabulous, sturdy results. Here are some of the specs on how I construct the backpack. I used a quilt weight cotton, medium interfacing and line it with muslin. I love the weight of the backpack this way. Also, I added that fun little pocket in the front, because I am pretty sure all little ones need a special little place to store their most precious of rocks and leaves. If you're wanting to make one, I would definitely check out the Toddler Backpack flickr group for inspiration. Holy Moly. I always get blown away at the cuteness. You've been warned.

So he's off for an adventure, cars and trucks and airplanes loaded into the backpack for safe-keeping.

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Tammy said...

You are so talented. I am sure there is no way I could make a back pack! Turned our adorable and he looks great with it on!

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