Friday, September 24, 2010

I Conquered!

Hm. Maybe it was admitting defeat that got me going, but I decided to march my unmotivated bottom upstairs to finish one of the shirts I started two days ago. It was easy. I'm disappointed that I didn't just finish it before, so I could work on something else today, but hey, it is done! And just in time for Kids' Clothes Week over at Elsie Marley.
Is it Dana's 90-minute shirt? No. I mean, I suppose that simply by looking at it you could think so, but really, I haven't yet looked at that tutorial. So, all I did was rip apart a onesie, trace it and make a new shirt. The cute giraffe applique comes from my new Ottobre winter 2009 magazine. I loved the look of the waffle knit, which is actually an old baby blanket. The orange knit is a beloved shirt of mine from many years back. And for ease, I used the hem of the original shirt. I always love that. Feels like I'm cheating. And for this do-gooder of a gal...makes me feel a little like I'm living on the wild side...or....not. 

There's still time to make something for the challenge! Be brave!!

1 comment:

Morgan said...

I love this shirt! This is definitely good motivation for me to break out my sewing machine and make some feeble attempts at sewing.

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