Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christmas Ideas: Gift Wrap

I have been asked to demonstrate wrapping presents in fabric for our ladies' craft night at church next month. I was excited for the opportunity because it gave me an excellent excuse to start making the wraps we'll need for Christmas this year for our own presents. This year I intend to use no wrapping paper, only brown paper and fabric, in an effort to use more recycleable and reusable materials. I also love the look of a brown paper package next to bright fabric package.
Anyway, if you're interested in this sort of thing, there is a great book that I picked up last year called Wrapagami: The Art of Fabric Gift Wraps. 
It looks like there are some other good books out there too, but the photos in this one are so beautiful and the illustrations for wrapping are very clear and simple.

I love all of the ideas that I have seen in this book, from wine bottle wraps, to book wraps (below), to shoebox wraps.
 If you don't like the styles with the ties and knots then there is a flat wrap using a ribbon to secure.
And I think that this next one is the most genius. This baby gift is wrapped in a baby blanket with a sweet little toy tucked in there. This is most certainly something I will use in the future. And if I'm totally awesome I will remember to take a picture and share it with you all (don't expect too much...). But I can completely envision a cute little boxed outfit, wrapped in a handmade blanket with a sweet little pair of handmade booties tucked in there. I can hardly stand to even think about it. Too cute.


Danelle said...

I love this! And choosing fabrics would be so much more fun than choosing wrapping paper. Although I must admit that seeing the word "Christmas" right now freaked me out a bit. :)

Bending Birches said...

great ideas!!! love it!

Kimberly @ Raising Olives said...

What a fun excuse to start collecting more fabric!

ReUse said...

Here is where I get my Fabric Gift Wrap

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