Friday, June 18, 2010

A corner

I have a favorite room in the house. And surprisingly, it is not my sewing room.

But rather, it is this sweet space. Where my sweet Goose spends so much of her time creating and playing and imagining great things and great people and animals and stories. I do look forward to finding the perfect wooden kitchen, or perhaps making one(??), but for now, this one will suffice. But it is an awkward shape, taking up more space than is necessary.

I often find myself in her room throughout my days, plopping myself on her overstuffed reading chair and just taking in a few deep breaths. It is such a simple space, but there is so much love and joy in that room that I like to think that all who enter can feel a bit of that.

It is a sweet little space and is ever evolving with the the little person she is becoming.

Do you have a favorite space in your home?? Where is it?? Is it a whole room or just a corner of that room?

I just love getting a peek into others' homes...My husband lovingly calls me Peeping Jane, as I am known to gaze into people's homes from the street on our evening walks if they are silly enough to leave their lights on and shades open...don't worry, I never stop. I keep walking...just a little slowly is all...

Hmn. Is that creepy? Too much information perhaps??


Andrea said...

It is fun to watch kids while they are imagining. I too had a plastic kitchen and then went for the wooden one. My kids haven't had the plastic one in nearly a year and a half and still talk about it because they prefer it! LOL. Who knew?!

Andrea @

ines said...

I just discovered your blog. I like it a lot and no, it'S not creepy. I love to look into other peoples houses as well. And I DO STOP! (o; I love to sit on my little girls sofa. The room is very light and bright and warm. Have a fab day. ines from Germany

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