Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Gift for a Girl

A certain girl in my life is having a birthday soon, so, of course, a gift was in store. I kind of made this one up as I went, but it ended up being a lined drawstring backpack. Since this girl lives quite a ways away from me, I made the straps long (about 1.5 yards each) so she can adjust them when she receives it (the ends are secured with knots, so they can be undone and shortened if needed.) This little backpack was a lot of fun to make.

Want to make one? Here are some great drawstring backpack tutorials:

Little Birdie Secrets
Happy Things
Happy Things 2


Sarah said...

Katie, You inspire me. Way to go. I got Weekend Sewing from the library finally (the hold list was really long) and I absolutely love it. I am going to make that big bag like you did. There are some other really cute projects in there too. How did you cut out the patterns? They all over lap and everything. Did you trace them on paper? Anyway, thanks again for sharing your cute projects.

Kent and Katie said...

Hey Sarah! thanks for your comment! That's so sweet of you! As far as Weekend Sewing, I just trace the patterns onto tissue paper (for gift bags and such) and cut it out. It works really well for me. I've done it for embroidery also and I just stitch right onto the pattern and tear it away when I'm finished. I hope that helps!! Happy sewing!

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