Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Texture Quilt

I actually made this about 2 years ago for my little Kai when he was just a wee little thing. . However, back when I made, I had no idea how to do binding. AND I didn't sew all the pieces together with enough of a seam, so some of them came apart. So, I pulled it out of storage, took off the binding and redid it and added some stitching to keep some squares together.

You just need a whole bunch of great touchy-feely fabrics. I just raided my mom's stash of home dec and costume fabrics. I found lots of silky, fuzzy, bumpy and colorful fabrics. Such a great way to use those small scraps! I backed it with a nice silky fabric. It's lovely.

This isn't the easiest little blanket to make simply because you have a lot of different types of fabrics that stretch really differently as well, so they end up a little bit wonky. You could, of course, be uber careful and probably make it closer to perfect, but quite honestly, I know that it just gets drooled on and chewed on and the recipient doesn't care all THAT much.

Regardless of how perfect or imperfect it is though, my little guy loved this thing. It was just the thing to help him stay happy when lounging on his tummy or just hanging out on the floor. It's not very big, only about 14" x 14", so it just gets stored in the basket with the other infant toys.

Can't wait to be able to use it again:) Come out little one!! We're ready for you!
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