Monday, December 27, 2010

Giant Tote for Mom

Mom requested a large tote for Christmas. I was happy to oblige, as I love creating new bags. Her request was something, big, sturdy, roomy and quilted. Well, since the request came only two days before I had to ship it out to get it to her on time, I had to go with pre-quilted fabric from Joann's.

I used french seams for the sides of the bag and bias tape to finish off the top and the inside bottom where I boxed the corners.

Please excuse the somewhat lame pictures...I had to take these at night so I could box it up and get it shipped out the next morning:)


Sandy said...

Oh what a nice bag ... I love roomy totes myself. Any chance we could get a tutorial on this (for those of us still learning to sew??) Thanks so much :)

linda said...

And I LOVE it! Thanks sooooo much Katie, it's perfect. Love you!

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