Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ottobre & Kids Clothes Week Challenge

So, there's this blog, Elsie Marley. Heard of it? (yeah I know, of COURSE you have;) ) Well she is bringing back her Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I completely missed it the first time around, so hopefully I'll be on top of things this time. And something has arrived just in time in the mail.
I have heard wonderful things about the ease of their patterns, and heaven knows that the design thrills me. Reminds me so much of our 3 years in Germany. I feel pretty confident that my little guy will get one of these:
or a few perhaps?? It looks so comfy. And perhaps I can whip this one up for the girl??
It looks quite doable. And, oh, I wish so badly that I had a little baby to sew for right now, because look at these!!

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