Monday, August 30, 2010

ABC Embroidery

I am ashamed. Why? Because I cannot remember where I got this pattern and idea from. If this looks remotely familiar to you and you know where it is from, please tell me.

Now, on that note. I finally finished an embroidery that I started for my son's room at the turn of the year. Not that the embroidery took me very long, but then I had to bind it and then I needed to find the perfect way to hang it. So here it is.

So, the genius that I got the idea from gave a tutorial on how to simply print the pattern straight onto the muslin (by first ironing on a stabilizer and then sending it through your pretty much rocked.) I did enlarge the pattern a bit. I think this would be so cute sewn into the front panel of a mama-made pillow.
I think my favorite part is the two branding stars that I found at a fabulous flea market just outside of Ouray, CO on our anniversary trip in February.
My second favorite thing is that my daughter has been spending quite a bit of time in her brother's room brushing up on her ABC knowledge.

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