Tuesday, March 16, 2010

S is for Sweet

So Goose's cousin turned 5 in February and we needed a something as unique and sweet as she is. I think this will suffice.
I'm pretty sure I don't need to remind anyone of this, but the pattern is the Sienna Dress by Lil Blue Boo. Again, SO EASY. Knit has always sort of freaked me out, and the few things I had tried before this pattern always ended up bunching and catching in my machine. But no longer! I have conquered knit once again! I found two shirts at Saver's and started cutting and sewing. I especially liked the fat hem on the bottom of the orange shirt.

Anyway, I also used her reverse applique tutorial for the 'S'. And pretty much, it turned out just as sweet as I had imagined...if I do say so myself;)

1 comment:

Beth Lemon said...

I love the font you chose for the S. Very cool. I've been lurking on your blog for a while now. I just made it official.

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