Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Decorative "Orbs"

Well, since I am incredibly immature and find myself giggling everytime I say "decorative balls" I found that a more correct term is "Orbs". So, here you go. A fun, simple way to decorate those balls orbs. *giggle*

What you'll need:
2-3 sizes of styrofoam balls. Mine were about 2.5" and 3.5" in diameter
hot glue gun
wired organdy ribbon
small silk flowers
yarn (the thick stuff)
Jute (looks like twine)

First I used felt circles. I cut about 30 1.5" felt circles. Then fold them in half, and half again. Then, to make gluing and application easier I stuck my thumb and forefinger inside the quarter folded circle to hold it. Then I used hot glue and stuck it onto my ball.

I also used silk flowers by pulling them off the stems and separating the two layers of flowers and gluing them on individually.

This one was the easiest and one of my favorites. Using a thick yarn start at one end of your ball and glue it around your whole ball. This is what I did with the jute as well.

And I didn't get picture of the ribbon, as it was an after thought idea, but I basically only glued on two ends of the ball, on the "poles", if you will. And I wrapped the ribbon vertically from "pole" to "pole". See top picture for detail.

Have fun making your own balls!! ;)

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Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

So glad you found that they are called orbs. Tired of saying I have a "ball obsession" on my blog! ROFL! I am loving yours!! My obsession is here:

too Blessed to Stress said...

Love the red flowers! Just stunning... your... orbs :)

Thanks for the great photos!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

McMom said...

I am so making some of these balls (hee-hee) to add to the big bowl of balls I have on my kitchen table. Uh, I mean, bowl of orbs.

The Bearded Lady (Laura) said...

These turned out very well!! Great work!! Thanks for sharing! I'd LOVE to have these in my house!!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

LOL! I'm immature too! Love me some balls!

McMom said...

Yes! That's the bowl of balls. Ha-ha!

marcia said...

I have a group of friends that love nothing better than to raze me with 'you've got balls', I have changed that to SPHERES, it has a ring of sophistication don't you think.
Thanks for the great tut.

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