Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reversible Tote Bag TUTORIAL!!

Well folks, we're settled here in our new home (and by settled I mean we only have 1-2 boxes in each room and we are no longer swimming in packing paper...merely wading in it) and I am back here for good.

And you know what?? I've made another tutorial. I know, its about time. And this one is easy peasy!! Perfect for a kids' restaurant bag, a church bag, library bag or to stow away lunch away from home. So, remember this bag?? (and the promised tutorial??) Well, I'm delivering. Please let me know if something doesn't make sense and I will do my best to clarify.

What you'll need:
2 18 x 18 squares each of two coordinating Home Dec weight fabrics
matching thread
and other more obvious sewing, a sewing machine;)

(for the sake of this tutorial and the ease of understanding I will refer to my choices of fabric as the print [which is red] and the solid [yellow], though of course, you can use two prints or two solids or whatever you darn well please:) )

1. Place your prints right sides together and sew around 3 sides

2. Now we're going to "box out" the bottom of the bag. To do this, you take the bottom corner and fold it opposite of the the seam that was sewn. I boxed mine out 2.5 inches and marked it with pins.

3. Now sew where you marked and cut off the excess and set aside this part of the bag. We'll come back to it

4. Now do the same thing for the solid fabric, only, leave about a 4" opening in the center of the bottom to allow for turning

5. Now for a pocket. I made mine about a 5 x 7. Double fold and press all sides, but only sew down one edge, this will be the top of your pocket.

6. Place your pocket on the right side of your solid fabric, pin and sew.

7. We need straps!! You can make these any size you want but here are my dimensions. I cut them 28"x 2.5" which allowed for seam allowances and turning. And I cut enough for two straps, but some people like to have only one. You decide. You'll place one print and one solid right sides together and sew down the long sides. Then turn your strap right side out and sewn a finishing stitch about 1/4 " from the edge, to keep the strap from shifting around. Do this for the other strap.

8. Go grab your print bag and its time to place your straps. Place them 2" from the edge of the bag and pin. Do this for the other side, and be sure that the solid side of the strap is facing out.

Now, to put the bag together for a beautifully lined, reversible bag:) :)
8. You are going to place your print RIGHT SIDE OUT inside your solid, which is INSIDE OUT. Be sure the straps are safely tucked inside, then pin all around the top of the bag. Then you will sew around the entire top of the bag. (don't mind the weird seam you see down the center of the solid in the picture below. I pieced together my solid side)

9. Remember that little 4" hole you left on the bottom of your solid? Reach in and pull out your print!!

10. Top stitch around the top of your bag to secure the straps and keep everything from shifting around and hand sew a blind stitch to close up the 4" hole and you've got yourself a pretty sweet tote bag!! Congrats! Now go show it off!!


Terri said...

Great job on your tutorial! Fab pictures with steps make a real difference for slow learners like me. ;)I am NOT confused as usual after reading your tutorial. Plus paisley is always a winner in my book~

Amber said...

Very cute bag! TFS!

Emma said...

Thank you for a really good tutorial, my effort is on my blog

Sandy9193 said...

I admit -- I cannot figure out the straps. Maybe I am too new! I'm going to keep trying though.

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